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Our Prayers of the People  for the Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost Sept 13th, 2020:

Prayers of the People

Gracious God, worshipping outside we are so mindful of your presence in nature as we intercede for others making our response “Hear our Prayer” after “Lord in Your Mercy”.
Lord Jesus, just as Peter proclaimed you as Lord may we also step up and bear the cross and give ourselves to the service of others, being mindful and thankful that you have blessed us with so much and others are without.  
Lord in Your Mercy……..Hear our Prayer.
Dear Father, send your blessings and hope to all teachers of learning, those who work in schools and colleges as they open up to children and adults. As they conduct daily activities and protocols, keep them safe and healthy so they grow communally.
Lord in Your Mercy……..Hear our Prayer.

Dear Giver of all good things, show us how to share our wealth as we thank you for our gardens and produce, for farmers and market folk who bring us good food. We ask for blessings on all who are without food, water, homes and lodgings and for the many who are now in need because of the pandemic.  
Lord in Your Mercy……..Hear our Prayer.
Lord, keep us grounded in faith as you guide us through these trying times of Covid. Be with the scientists, health care and essential service workers, and others working on a vaccine and treatments and all who strive daily to help those suffering with the loss and separation from loved ones.   
Lord in Your Mercy……..Hear our Prayer.
Lord our great Physician, be with the lonely, fearful, disenfranchised, persecuted, imprisoned, ignored, distressed or mentally ill.  Especially we pray for those who have been in recent disasters and fire zones. Bring comfort to all who mourn especially the Jensen family and those who have yet to say their final goodbyes to their loved ones:  Dorothy, Bennet, Mary, Scott as we pray for the Grymek, Oramsionwu, Campbell and Grieg families.  
Lord in Your Mercy……..Hear our Prayer.
Father, our world is in need of calm and peace freed from hatred and racism. We pray for our country and Prime Minister Justin, for Provincial, City and Community leaders, give them wisdom, integrity and honesty in all their dealings.  We pray that bigotry, hate and vandalism might end and that peaceful people might democratically and safely stand up for their rights and freedoms.   
Lord In Your Mercy……Hear our Prayer
Great Shepherd, we pray for Holy Trinity and its mission.  Reconcile our differences and break down any barriers. Fulfill us in our Christian journey to work together to further our faith and our compassion as we look forward to our new priest in charge, Andrew  joining us in October, fill him and our clergy, Cathy, Donald, Fitz with strength, grace  and good health.     
Lord in Your Mercy……..Hear our Prayer.
Dear God, as we start our week with gentle spirits, may we live each moment in faithfulness, with generous hearts, self control, humour, kindness and goodness giving hope, joy and peace in all we do and say. In Jesus Name We Pray. AMEN
[offered by Be Buckingham
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