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As moved at our 2022 Annual General Meeting, conversations and work on plans to repair our historic church building have been proceeding. Much preliminary work—property surveys and information-gathering—has been done and the congregation will need to receive researched, educated proposals about possible paths forward. This project is going to require a great deal of time and will become more complex before it is completed; engaging the entire congregation for each decision does not seem an effective or efficient way to accomplish this in a timely fashion.

To facilitate this work, the creation of a Steering Committee seems the most efficient way to process information, develop proposals, and communicate with the congregation on a regular basis. With this in mind, the below two motions are set before the congregation at this meeting:

  1. That a Property Redevelopment Steering Committee be created, chaired by the rector of Holy Trinity, with membership composed of members of the congregation of Holy Trinity and the community with such expertise and commitments as are deemed by the Steering Committee to be appropriate.

  2. That the Property Redevelopment Steering Committee is mandated to return to the congregation with one or more viable, researched proposals regarding property redevelopment including, but not limited to, appropriate legal structures and possible partnerships.

Thank you for your consideration of these motions and your participation at the meeting.


Photo by Luis Quintero