Liturgy Times

Regular worship times are listed below. Please refer to the Events page for information on specific liturgies, dates, and times.

10:30 AM | Holy Eucharist

12:10 PM | Holy Eucharist

Holy Days | As listed on the Events page.

Livestream Events
What's Our Worship Like?

At Holy Trinity we take our worship seriously, but we try not to take ourselves or each other too seriously in our worship. We strive for dignified worship that is authentic and sacred but not so formal that folks feel anxious or out of place. We strive to have the elements of our worshipprayers, scripture readings, music, and so onrepresent our community. We hope you'll feel comfortable, able to be present, and that you will find moments of connection with God throughout the liturgy.

At Morning Prayer, most of the liturgy is spoken, with lots of silence for reflection and to listen for God. Sometimes there's a sermon or teaching from a leader, but often there's a discussion among the people gathered about what they've heard in prayers and scripture that morning. We share reflections, questions, and ideas before holding each other and the world up before God in prayer.

At liturgies of Holy Eucharist we'll pray, sing, hear readings from the Bible, and have the opportunity to receive Communion. Sometimes we have other important events like baptisms, especially on important holy days.

The words for the liturgy, including the songs, are projected on the wall of the church, so you can follow along and participate without flipping pages or juggling books.

There's no dress code at Holy Trinity. Some folks like to dress up for worship and other folks are most comfortable in casual clothes. Come dressed in a way that's comfortable and that helps you to pray.