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From our siblings in Christ At All Saints' Church, Windsor, St Luke's Church, Cambridge, St Thomas the Apostle's Church, Cambridge, and F.O.C.U.S. comes a powerful opportunity for learning and engagement in Black History Month:

As long ago as 1992, Romney M. Moseley’s report No Longer Strangers recommended that the Anglican Church of Canada “actively promote an identity which is culturally diverse and inclusive.” An important preliminary step in striving to dismantle racism is to gain an understanding of systemic racism, its historic roots, and its contemporary impacts.

In this event, BlackHistory365, a two-part virtual discussion co-facilitated by the Rev. Steve Greene and educator/historian Irene Moore Davis, we will examine the history of anti-Black racism with special emphasis on the Canadian context; the influence that the church, as an institution, has had on developing concepts of race and racism from the Renaissance through to the present day; how people of faith can successfully navigate today's difficult race relations challenges, pursue racial understanding, healing, and reconciliation, and work against anti-Black racism in practical but meaningful ways. Black Canadian historical highlights will also be discussed.

The two sessions are:

  • "We're Rooted Here and They Can't Pull Us Up" on Wednesday, 16 February, 6-7:30 PM (Central Time) via Zoom
  • "Trouble I've Seen: Evolving Concepts of Race and Racism in the Church" on Wednesday, 23 February, 6-7:30 PM (Central Time) via Zoom

If you would like to be part of these critical workshop discussions, please contact the Rev. Steve Greene ( to register.