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Since March of 2020 the rhythm of life in our church, like every other church, has been disrupted by the pandemic. Many ministries that had run for years had to be put on pause. Two years ago, most of us thought this would be a few months long, not years. Now that we are able to resume some more of our life and ministries, it feels like exercising muscles that haven't moved in a while. We remember how, but the first steps are a little slow and faltering.

Restarting, re-energizing, and renewing our ministries is an exciting opportunity, but needs people willing and able to participate. Below is a link to a form where you can learn a little more about the many ministries at Holy Trinity and, if you feel so moved, to get involved. The form also offers a chance to update your contact information with the parish, just in case you've moved or had other details change recently.

God gives each of us gifts to share with the Body of Christ and the world. Perhaps one of the ministries at Holy Trinity is your opportunity to put your gifts to use!

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