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Emancipation Day August 1 2023

To All Parishes in Diocese of Rupert’s Land


In March 2021 the Government of Canada in a unanimous all-party vote recognized The Abolition of Slavery which occurred on August 1st 1833. This date is celebrated annually in many countries as Emancipation Day, Freedom for Blacks – who had been enslaved for over 400 years.

People of African descent and all people of color have been in Canada for over 400 years and have contributed to its development in a myriad of ways through science, infrastructure, health, education, finance and ministry. The Diocese of Rupert’s Land wants to acknowledge and celebrate these facts.

The Diocese also acknowledges the damaging presence of racism within our communities.  The Diocese has created a group who is actively working on dismantling anti-black racism in all its forms in our communities.  Leaders in the Diocese continue to receive Anti-Racism Training Sessions which is now an episcopal expectation.

Emphasizing the importance of EMANCIPATION DAY is one way we can celebrate our diversity and emphasize the importance of being committed to the elimination of anti-black racism ensuring all peoples have full equality, and Justice equality – as we walk humbly with God. (Micah 6.8)

In Christ,

The Ven. Simon Blaikie, Commissary