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We have received word from the Right Reverend Larry Beardy that the community of Tataskweyak, in the Northern Manitoba Area Mission, with nearly 3000 residents has gone into lockdown.

This community lockdown was initiated after a sudden rise in COVID-19 cases and health staff already being overwhelmed. There are only two nurses at the health center and two front-line responders doing testing. This lockdown is necessary, but it is leaving many people short on supplies.

Bishop Beardy and his community are asking if anyone can spare pandemic necessities, specifically masks, hand sanitizer, or test kits. If you are able to help by providing these supplies, please contact the parish office and arrange a time to drop them off. We will make sure they are sent to Bishop Beardy and our siblings in Christ in Tataskweyak.

Thank you for your prayers and care for the health of the whole Body of Christ.