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A valuable opportunity to learn about the history of magic and ideas about angels in the ancient world: Join Dr. Andrew Mark Henry to learn how ancient Jews and Christians called upon the power of angels to protect themselves from harm!

On 1 March 2023, Dr. Andrew Mark Henry, expert in ancient Greco-Roman magic, will lead an online seminar about ancient angel magic. While romantic depictions of guardian angels depict angels protectively hovering above little children, the reality of ancient angel magic in antiquity was much messier. We'll examine some ancient artifacts and texts from the late Roman period that show how people called upon angels for protection.

The seminar will be held over Zoom. The presentation will last for 1 hour with an additional 30 minutes reserved for Q&A. A recorded file of the seminar will be available for download for everyone with a ticket, whether you attend the event live or not.

Ticket price is by donation.

Registration for the class is available here.