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A message from Cathy Campbell, chair of the Morning Star Refugee Support Group:

We are hoping to welcome a refugee family this fall. They are currently living in a refugee camp
in Turkey that was severely impacted by the earthquake last spring. 

We look forward to the day when we can meet them in person, safe and sound in Winnipeg. However their arrival date is unknown at the moment. Although approved for travel, the precise dates depend on IRCC [Immigration, Refugees and Immigration Canada]. We have commited to providing some of their initial settlement needs. In particular, we would welcome donations of:

  • furniture [in good repair; please speak to Cathy if you want to donate larger items];
  • linens [preferably new] and blankets;
  • gently used children's clothing
  • car seats for the children.

We can NOT accept mattresses, undergarments, footwear, or opened food products. We already have some basic household item donations – kitchen utensils and china, but no cutlery. When we have an arrival date we will ask for some donations of start-up staple goods.

If you can help our first refugee family set up their home and get started in a good way here in Winnipeg, please let either Cathy Campbell or Karen Klassen Bender know and we will make a time to receive your donation. We need to keep records of the donations we receive.