Every Tuesday beginning at 11:00 am, we welcome everyone who wants a hot, nutritious meal. There are no strings or conditions attached. Just come and eat. We serve until we're out of food for the day.

For many of the folks who join us for lunch, this is one of the only sure meals they'll get in a week. It's also one of few food security programs in Winnipeg's downtown that serves ready-to-eat meals. Food insecurity and poverty come in many forms and we meet folks every week who don't have anywhere to cook for themselves, so finding prepared food is part of their daily routine.

This ministry has been operating out of Holy Trinity Anglican Church for 30 years. In years gone by it was called "The Mission Ministry" or "Outreach Ministry" or "The Lunchroom" and has touched the lives of hundred of people in Winnipeg, both visitors and volunteers.

Today, Downtown Neighbourhood Lunch is an independent program supported by Holy Trinity. It serves between 10,000-12,000 lunches per year, providing not only food to hungry people, but also a regular social connection, especially when we are able to gather and eat together outside in warmer months.

If you would like to support this program financially, please head to the Give page on this website and designate your gift for Downtown Neighbourhood Lunch. To volunteer or contribute in another way, please contact the church office for details.